Which states offer the most favorable conditions for expectant parents?

By Alicia Adamczyk
Updated August 09, 2016
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This article originally appeared on Money.

Planning on starting a family some time soon? You may want to consider a move to the Northeast. Vermont, Maine, and Connecticut are the three best states to have a baby, respectively, according to personal finance site WalletHub.

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WalletHub ranked the 50 states and Washington D.C. based on delivery costs, health-care accessibility, and “baby friendliness.” In those three over-arching categories, the site then took into consideration 17 key metrics, including number of pediatricians per capita, annual average infant-care costs, infant mortality rates, cost of living, average health insurance premiums, and more.

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Vermont ranked as the top state for health-care accessibility, with one of the highest scores for midwives/OB-GYNs per capita and pediatricians/family doctors per capita. It ranked seventh overall in “baby-friendliness,” which measures things like parental leave policies and number of childcare centers per capita. It ranked 40th in delivery costs.

The Top 5 Best States to Have a Baby:





New Hampshire

The Top 5 Worst States to Have a Baby:




New York


You can find the full ranking here.