Everyone loves a cold glass of lemonade.

By Alexandra Schonfeld
Updated June 29, 2017

As the heat rolls in, summer staples start popping up everywhere you look. Brightly colored clothing, the smell of sunscreen, and, of course, lemonade stands.

If you live in a neighborhood filled with families, you likely see lemonade stands all the time. Data from Nextdoor.com—a private social network for neighborhoods—backs that up: Conversations about lemonade stands increase 350 percent during the summer months, according to Jenny Mayfield, director of media relations and public affairs for Nextdoor.

To celebrate these entrepreneurial kids everywhere, the social network named the top 10 cities in the U.S. for lemonade stands. Perhaps unsurprisingly, smaller cities topped the list, with Ryderwood, Washington nabbing the number one spot. Other notable cities include: Zionsville, Indiana; Davidson, North Carolina; Titusville, Florida; Tyler, Texas; Kentfield, California; Ocoee, Florida; College Station, Texas; Campbell, California; and North Chesterfield, Virginia.

Nextdoor also compiled some heartwarming stories from across the country. In Memphis, Tennessee, one young girl saw the opportunity to help her older neighbor, a veteran with cerebellar and macular degeneration. She hosted a lemonade stand with her volunteer group and raised over $800 towards funding for his medical-related expenses.

“Lemonade Stands continue to be the main way the littlest of entrepreneurs use Nextdoor to not only make money, but to learn how to run a business, to learn the value of community/get to know people and, overwhelmingly, to give back—almost 100 percent of lemonade stands on Nextdoor are for charity,” Mayfield told RealSimple.com in an email.

If your child will be hosting his or her own lemonade stand this summer, try this easy recipe (no store-bought powder required!), find a charity to donate some (or all!) of the proceeds to, and consider publicizing your efforts on a site like Nextdoor.