If you’re sick of playing Chutes and Ladders, add these games to your collection.

By Angela Kwan

Some of the classic games can take hours, while others are so quick and easy that you end up playing them over and over again. Both scenarios are a recipe for boredom—for both you and the children. But choosing a game that’s too advanced may just confuse and frustrate the younger members of the family. On the other hand, a game that’s too easy won’t hold your attention night after night (and won’t do much in terms of teaching the kids new skills). Since we know there’s a lot to choose from in the aisles of your favorite toy store, we enlisted the help of real parents. Consider these fun and surprising selections the new tried-and-true classics. You can find them all on Amazon or at your local toy store, so you can start a new family tradition as soon as tonight.

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