Here are nine other movies parents have suffered through for the sake of their children.

By Marisa Cohen
August 01, 2017

Boy, did critics hate The Emoji Movie. The animated flick about a Meh emoji who lives in a phone got almost universally horrendous reviews (including an unprecedented 7 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes), yet it still managed to rake in $25.7 million over the weekend, making it the second most successful movie in America, next to the Oscar contender Dunkirk.

Why? Because children don’t give a hoot about reviews. Also, children love emojis, which are all over their notebooks, pajamas, leggings, and toys, so when those commercials started running with the candy-colored faces, boys and girls begged their parents to take them. And rather than explain that the New York Times called the movie “nakedly idiotic,” millions of parents gave in, bought the popcorn, and hoped for the best.

One thing is for sure, though: The Emoji Movie is definitely not the first—and certainly not the last—terrible movie parents have sat through out of love for their children. Here, our Hall of Fame...

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