Back-to-School Organizing Tips

Smart ideas to start off the new school year right—and with less stress.

Cool for School

7 Smart Ways to Organize Your Kid’s Closet

It’s no secret that a tidy, streamlined closet for your child will keep you from losing your mind…not to mention your kids’ clothes. Think how easy the morning dress-up battle would be if you knew where exactly every sock, T-shirt, and favorite pair of shoes were. Enter Lisa Adams, designer and owner of LA Closet Design, who shares her secrets for an organized and efficient kid’s closet.

10 Ways to Maximize a Tiny Dorm Room Without Breaking the Bank

And all for less than the cost of a college textbook.

9 DIY Locker Decorations to Personalize Your Space

Make classmates jealous with these cool DIY projects for your locker.

10 Cool Alarm Clocks

If you have to get up early, you’ll want one of these unique alarm clocks to be the one to wake you.

Sorting and Storing Your Child’s Artwork

How to sort and store the fragile tokens of youth (without hurting anyone’s feelings).

How to Organize the Entryway

Clutter coach Chip Cordelli turns this potential pileup spot (backpacks! jackets! soccer balls!) into a super-efficient on-off ramp for quick school-day exits and happy homecomings.

7 Favorite Cookbooks for Families

Satisfy kids big and little with meals from these tasty collections.


Smart Ideas for the School Year

9 Back-to-School Apps That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Heading back to school? There’s an app for that! Streamline the fall chaos with these nine lifesaver tools, all available on your smartphone.

12 Surprising Items to Pack For College

Make sure your college student doesn’t leave home without these essentials.

8 Ingenious Homework Help Sites

When your children’s homework has even you stumped, try these smart sites for answers.

12 Back-to-School Traditions You’ll Want to Steal

You’ve purchased new backpacks and stocked up on cold cuts. What else can you do to mark the big day (besides snapping their picture on the front stoop)? We asked some creative parents—including a few who work at Real Simple—to share the sweet things they do year after year.