His tiny new glasses will melt your heart.

By Lindsey Murray
Updated February 23, 2017
HannamariaH/Getty Images

It's a widely accepted fact that all baby videos are irresistibly cute, but add a baby in tiny glasses making eye contact with his mom and dad for the first time and you’re guaranteed to smile.

Last week Baby Emil’s mom posted a video to Instagram of him trying on a pair of brand new spectacles. The look on his face when he is finally able to see his parents is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

Emil’s mom shared her joy with a caption written in Danish that translates to:

“Today is a great day. Emil got his glasses. The journey has been long and our little baby has a lot to go through to sit here and smile with his small glasses, but now they are here. Welcome to +7.0 baby glasses and a lot of eye contact with mom & dad.”

Emil’s prescription means he has “high hyperopia,” which makes it difficult for him to see things up close. Luckily the condition can be treated with a proper prescription and management over time. But Emil’s vision impairment doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to his mom, whose Instagram bio translates to “Mother of Emil who has the finest spectacles of 7.0 in strength.”

Based on his parents’ posts following the video, which includes Emil rocking his glasses while playing with toys, cozying up in his sleeping sack, and even making an appearance on a Denmark morning show, it seems that his new specs are working just fine. And it doesn’t hurt that the wired-rimmed frames make the infant look utterly adorable.