The pop singer talks about the double standards that come into play when people criticize moms and dads.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated September 19, 2017

Chrissy Teigen has 14 million Instagram followers, who love her for her brutally honest, hilarious posts about raising her daughter Luna. But it turns out her husband also has something important to say about the double-standards heaped on parents—especially when it comes to criticizing every step a new mom makes.

Teigen’s husband, singer John Legend (though he’s not as Instagram famous as his wife, with only 7 million followers, he has won an Oscar, Tony, and a shelf full of Grammys) appeared on the Today show earlier this week to talk about what it’s like to be dad to their adorable 17-month-old. He acknowledged that when it comes to public criticism, he has it a lot easier that his wife does.

“I think the expectation from the general public is that the mom is more responsible for raising the child, and I think there’s more of a culture around mommy-shaming than there is around dad-shaming," Legend said. “So Chrissy has to deal with it more.”

And it hasn’t been easy for Teigen. She has been called out by commenters about everything from how she holds the baby and straps her into her car seat, to the fact that she went out to dinner with her husband a week after Luna’s birth. But as any mom who has ever had someone criticize the way she the feeds, dresses, or disciplines her child knows, dads rarely get the same intense scrutiny—in fact, they usually get applauded for holding or feeding the baby at all. For the Teigen-Legend family, that criticism is amplified a million decibels, as their lives play out in the public eye.

The biggest changes Legend has had to make, he told Today, is segueing from a single dude on the road to traveling with his family. “My first touring experience, I was a young bachelor, I was touring with Kanye and we were doing what young bachelors do at that time,” he said. “We’re both dads now… and we tour quite a bit differently. I’ve got a crib on the bus now. It’s fun."