Family-Reunion Souvenirs

What’s a family reunion without souvenirs? Fortunately, you don’t have to find out.

Photo by James Baigrie

1. Check out Cafepress’s new Groups tool (, which lets reunion-goers order commemorative T-shirts to their own specifications (good-bye, one-size-fits-all tee!) and pay for them individually.

2. Consider a reunion shirt that doesn’t need updating every year, like the I ♥ FAMILY REUNIONS baseball T-shirt from (from $27).

3. Supply family members with their own copies of the family tree by downloading free templates at or

4. Encourage everyone to send a postcard of his or her favorite memory from the trip to the group organizer, who will put the cards in an album the family can add to after each reunion.

5. Have each family bring a dish, along with a corresponding recipe card. Collect all the recipes in one place, then make a book ($9.50 each for a minimum of four books, to distribute at the next reunion.