It has caused quite the reaction from parents.

By Sydney Hershman
Updated February 02, 2017
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Caiaimage/Robert Daly/Getty Images

A sign posted at a daycare outside of Houston, Texas, scolds parents to get off their phones—and it’s gotten a lot of reactions not only from the parents whose children attend the daycare, but from people all over the country. After Juliana Farris Mazurkewicz uploaded the photo on her Facebook page last Friday, the post has gotten 99K likes, 9.8K comments, and 1.2M shares. Mazurkewicz had posted the photo with the caption, “Posted at the daycare today!”

The sign starts out with: “You are picking up your child! GET OFF YOUR PHONE!!!!” It goes on to call out parents who are looking at their phones and not paying attention during the after-school pickup as their child is trying to show them the work they completed that day. It ends with, “It is appalling. Get off your phone!!!”

Reactions to the sign have been mixed and there have been heated discussions on the thread about the message. Of the 9,000 comments, some people are upset at how the message was delivered to parents and that you can never be sure what the parent is doing on the phone—whether it’s urgent business, or a family situation. Other people agree that phone usage has got out of hand and that parents should be reminded to avoid letting technology get in the way of spending quality time with their kids. While others think that it’s a valid point, but that the daycare should stay out of the discussion.

Whatever your feelings about the post, we can all agree that technology has changed etiquette and social rules around the world—this sign is another reaction to it.