Grab these bulk buys without spending a second in a big-box store.

There are shoppers who love to wander through the massive aisles of big box stores, marveling at the giant vats of pickles, the endless rows of dog toys, and the heaping towers of toilet paper. Then there are those, like me, who find the entire experience as pleasant as a trip the DMV…in the rain…with a feverish toddler. It can take for-ever to find what you want and get it to your car, and you spend half the time looking for your kids, who disappeared down the toy aisle. Plus, you always wind up toting home something you clearly did not need (I’m looking at you, giant tray of chocolate pastries).

It’s for reluctant shoppers like me, who want the savings of mega-packs of pasta, pretzels, and toilet paper without the headache of actually going to the store, that Boxed arrived on the scene five years ago (the site has been compared to a “Millennial CostCo”). To compete with more well-known brick-and-mortar stores, Boxed continues to add new products from its house brand, Prince & Spring, to its selection of shopping-cart staples from familiar supermarket brands.

So if the thought of piling everyone into the car to navigate that cavernous warehouse is already giving you hives, here are 5 new products you’ll want to check out at Boxed (P.S. there are no annual membership fees, lots of free samples, and shipping is free on your first order and any orders over $49).

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