There will be more hikes and fewer tea parties for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Baby #3.

By Marisa Cohen
February 01, 2018

While the royal family may be best known for their crown jewels, fairy-tale weddings, and other glittery markers of the high life, they also like to rough it outdoors now and then. After all, William and Harry love to play polo, and if you watch The Crown, you know how fond Queen Elizabeth is of hunting and hiking at her Scottish estate, Balmoral. But in a speech he gave earlier this week in Stockholm, Sweden, Prince William has hinted that he wants to instill even more outdoor time for his growing family.

“The Swedish love of the outdoors – the way you embrace your climate and environment and are committed to ensuring future generations can do the same; the fact that you do so when it is so cold is really inspiring,” William told the crowd at a reception honoring the friendship between the United Kingdom and Sweden.

"One lesson that we will take home with us is that children are actively encouraged to spend time outdoors, whatever the weather.” He added that he had learned all about the mental and physical benefits of outdoor play during a morning visit to the Karolinska Institute, where he and his glowingly pregnant wife Kate heard about the institute’s research into the effects of physical activity on children’s mental health and cognitive functions. They also discussed the connection between the use of smartphones and increased levels of mental illness in children and young people.

Whether their visit will result in any significant changes to the Royal Family’s activities remains to be seen—but we bet William will be putting a soccer ball (or as they say in the UK, a football) in his children’s hands before he lets them have an iPhone.