Breakups are painful, but ExBox will make at least part of yours easier.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated September 05, 2018

Plenty has been said and written (and sung) about the gruesome pains of a breakup, but very few odes to a bad ex touch on one of the physical trials of a breakup: dealing with your ex’s things.

Whether you cohabitated or lived on opposite sides of the country, you’ve likely collected an assortment of items that remind you of your ex. After the breakup, you’re going to have to deal with those mementos. Staring at happy photos of you and your former loved one could actually send you backsliding; at the very least, it will make forgetting that once-beloved face much harder.

ExBox, a new service by on-demand storage solution MakeSpace and media company Mschf, is here to help you get those physical reminders of your ex—his favorite hoodie, her woolly throw—out of your space in a timely manner. ExBox will store these unwelcome romantic reminders until you’re ready to actually deal with them, whether that means doing the mature thing and returning them, or burning them in a dumpster. (Hey, no one’s perfect.) After some time has passed, you may even want to keep some of these mementos—because a toaster is a toaster, regardless of who bought it for you.

However you plan to cope, rushing that healing process isn’t going to help anything. Still, you can’t have your ex’s socks sitting in the corner of your bedroom for three months while you cry and eat cookie dough.

This is the moment to turn to ExBox. The online questionnaire at will ask basic contact information, plus a ranking of how horrible your ex really was—the worse the breakup, the more money you can save.

ExBox will send you a box, which you can fill with photos, ticket stubs, gifts, and other reminders of your ex. (You can even store items as large as a bed.) Once your items are all packed, someone from the service will pick them up and take them to a storage facility.

When you’re ready to go through the box and decide what to keep, toss, or return, ExBox will bring the stuff right back to you. Instead of spending an afternoon trekking to a storage facility, everything comes to you so you can fast-track the healing process and spend your days of singledom doing activities you truly enjoy.

ExBox is currently available in New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles.