6,500 People Joined the Waitlist for This High-Tech Anti-Fog Cloth for Glasses

But it’s back in stock after selling out in 24 hours.

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evolvetogether fog eraser 1 dry cloth
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If you wear glasses, you know the struggle that comes with trying to see through a shield of fog every time you step outside with a face mask on. Even though this annoyance is a relatively new hurdle for most people, healthcare professionals who wear glasses have been dealing with this for much longer. There are already science-backed hacks and top-rated sprays to keep fog at bay, but new brands like Evolvetogether are taking matters into their own hands as the pandemic (and regular use of face masks) continues.

You might already know about Evolvetogether's popular disposable face masks—the ones that have historically sold out quickly due to demand, and racked up waitlists tens of thousands of people long in anticipation of their next release. But the brand has another pandemic-friendly product that customers are (virtually) lining up to buy: an anti-fog cloth called the Fog Eraser.

It's a reusable dry cloth that uses nanotechnology (yes, really) to prevent fog and remove bacteria from hard surfaces for up to 24 hours. All you have to do is wipe down both sides of a lens with the 7-inch square of smart fabric for about 10 seconds and it will leave behind atom-sized anti-fog and antibacterial nanofilm. It works on glasses as well as helmets, camera lenses, sunglasses, and goggles. Plus, it's recyclable, odorless, and free of alcohol and heavy metals. There's even SGS testing to prove it.

Naturally, when the sounds-too-good-to-be-true product launched in mid-February of this year it sold out within 24 hours after a single Instagram post announced its arrival. Since then 6,500 people have signed up for the waitlist to get their own anti-fog cloth. But the long wait is finally over. Evolvetogether just restocked its latest release, and you can order your own Fog Eraser for $14 today.

Along with the high-tech dry cloth, you'll also get a plant-based, biodegradable storage pouch to keep it safe and clean. The brand recommends customers use the cloth once a day (unless high humidity or extreme weather causes condensation, warranting another wipe down) and put it in the soft container afterwards. It should remain effective for three to six months (or about 300 uses) as long as you properly store it in its protective pouch. You might be tempted to wash the cloth, but Evolvetogether warns against doing so.

Whether you wear glasses, goggles, helmets, or sunglasses, the Fog Eraser will help you see clearly even while wearing a face mask. Grab one today before it sells out again.

evolvetogether fog eraser 1 dry cloth

To buy: $14; evolvetogether.com.

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