Is it blue and gray, or pink and white? Reddit users can't seem to agree. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 20, 2017
White dresser with boots, pillow, and chair
Credit: Miki Duisterhof/Getty Images

If you used the internet in February of 2015, you probably recall the viral blue-and-black (wait, no, white-and-gold!) dress that caused debates in chat rooms and living rooms across the country. The image of the dress was first posted on Tumblr, and within its first week of web fame it garnered more than 10 million tweets. Now, nearly two years later, the internet has found its new dress—and it turns out, it’s a dresser.

Posted on Reddit three days ago by agamiegamer, some commenters see the dresser in the photo as blue and gray, while others see white and pink, and still others claim to see blue and pink. In the Real Simple office, editors were divided, and saw the first two color combos. Check it out here to judge for yourself.

Similar to the dress conundrum of 2015, what color people saw explained a lot about how the human brain perceives color. When we look at the dress or the dresser, our brains are trying to adjust for the perceived source of light. Depending upon whether our brains assume that the object is under a light that’s more blue or more golden, we will see the colors differently.

As with an optical illusion, some people are able to switch back and forth between the color options by changing their perception of the light. Three months after the dress went viral, the journal Current Biology released a study on the phenomenon, and of the 1,400 respondents, 10% said they were able to switch between any of the color combinations. So, what color is the dress(er)? It all depends on how you look at it.

h/t Bustle