You probably already have a favorite mom blog, but don’t miss these other sources of information and entertainment.

By Real Simple
Updated August 18, 2010
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Credit: James Baigrie

For Gift Suggestions Started by two moms who found online shopping for their kids too time-consuming, this site has age-appropriate gift guides as well as adorable clothing. Don’t miss the Kids’ Picks corner. Tired of picking up an uninspired birthday present en route to the party? Here you can sort through thoughtful ideas according to age, gender, and how much you want to spend.

For Decor Ideas Unlike some design blogs, this one by a Denver-based graphic designer and mother of six will leave you feeling inspired, not inadequate. The design-minded folks of offer this daily roundup of everything related to kids’ rooms.

For Mealtime Inspiration Written by Jenny Rosenstrach (a.k.a. the Dinner Doula), this nonpreachy food blog is full of ideas you’ll want to steal, like the Recipe Door and the Summer-in-the-Winter birthday party. This dad knows how to whip up some serious pancakes in every shape and color.

For Travel Help  What this site lacks in design it makes up for in content. Think (free) printable bingo cards and scavenger hunts for long car rides. Daily travel tips and information divided by vacation type (Disney, beach, etc.).

For Entertainment (Theirs) Choose the face shape, eyes, ears, hair, and so on, then hawk your child’s masterpiece on eBay for thousands of dollars. (Kidding.) Head over to the Interactive Toys category, then check out 5 Sec Doodle, where kids have to draw in a hurry, and Build Yer Own, which allows you to create a custom online kaleidoscope. Unlike the sites above, this one doesn’t offer immediate gratification for the kiddies. Instead, this writer and father of two offers his favorite off-the-beaten-path recommendations for books, music, movies, toys, and games. So you can spend wisely and they can play the old-fashioned way.

For Entertainment (Yours)

sh* Proclaiming itself “the strongest visual birth control on the market,” this blog showcases everyday destruction courtesy of kids. (Check out the eyebrows entry from July 1.) Blogger Leah Dieterich writes a thank-you note a day to everything from steering wheels (“Thanks for being an awesome pad for air drumming”) to meetings (“Thanks for being over”). Self-explanatory.