Some good, clean fun (literally!) for the whole family.

By Maggie Seaver
August 31, 2020

When was the last time your family watched a movie outside your own home? Probably not since pre-coronavirus mayhem, when going to the movie theater was still a thing (simpler times!). With public entertainment venues closed down during the pandemic, drive-in movie events have been cropping up this summer, reviving the magic of watching on the big screen and offsetting the monotony of staying at home yet again. Plus, the nostalgic drive-in movie format has proven quite conducive to social distancing requirements—everybody wins. 

Now Walmart has joined in on the retro family fun: 160 Walmart locations across America are set to host completely free, traveling pop-up drive-in movie nights through October while the weather is still nice enough to venture outside. Thanks to Walmart’s partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival, select superstore locations will screen favorite family-friendly flicks, from Spy Kids to Black Panther, while groups watch and listen from the safety of their cars (old-school drive-in style). It’s the perfect, pandemic-appropriate activity for anyone missing normal outings to the movie theater (or any kind of outing TBH). Even better, Drew Barrymore is virtually hosting every screening, and there are whispers she’ll show up in person at one lucky location.

Here's a full list of the movies showing at various Walmart drive-in venues:

Wonder Woman
Spy Kids
Space Jam
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
The Wizard of Oz
Black Panther
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Friday Night Lights

What do you need? Access to FM radio (car radios are perfect), face masks, your family, a car (sorry, no pedestrian viewers allowed), and obviously your go-to movie snacks (leave the alcohol at home, though). Tickets are free and must be reserved in advance—but hurry, they’re already going like crazy! Head here to see if space is available at a Walmart pop-up drive-in location near you.