Netflix is showing an alternate ending to The Notebook in the United Kingdom, and some die-hard fans are less than pleased.


Netflix has given modern classic romance The Notebook (and one of the best romantic movies of all time) a new ending, and the streaming platform did it so sneakily that it might take even the truest of Noah and Allie fans a second to notice. If you haven't seen The Notebook (and cried at its final scene), do two things: Stop reading and go watch the heartstring-pulling love story. Done? Then read on.

Netflix UK made the change, according to British outlet Digital Spy, by [SPOILERS!] swapping out the final scene in which elderly Noah and Allie are shown still (and, assumedly, dead) in bed together, just after Allie remembers Noah. In its place, Netflix is presenting The Notebook ending as something more ambiguous, with a shot of birds flying over a lake. Do birds flying over a lake strike the same tragically romantic note as a couple dead in each other's arms? Absolutely not—and you can bet fans are outraged.

The bulk of viewers only just caught on to the change, and they've taken to social media to express their displeasure.

Some social media users pointed out that the bird ending is the only one they've ever seen—possibly alternative cuts of the movie, or different versions made for releases in different countries?

For U.S. viewers, The Notebook ending has always been the scene of elderly Noah and Allie in each other's arms; only the makers of The Notebook can say for certain which the real ending of the movie is, if there even is one. (Of course, The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, the book the movie based on, has a very definite ending.)

Next time the ending of a movie or TV show feels changed, pay attention—it might actually be a different one than the so-called original.