The good news we need and deserve.

By Maggie Seaver
July 20, 2020

The key to having a good day is choosing to start on a high note. Do some energizing morning stretches, walk the dog (and wear a mask!), or enjoy a fresh cup of French press coffee. And while you’re at it, consume some positive news, too. It may not feel like it these days, but there’s a lot of goodness going on in the world. You just need to know where to look. 

For a daily dose of positivity, “The Daily Smile” podcast brings the happiest, sweetest, most triumphant stories from around the world right to your ears every weekday. Podcast producer Wondery premiered “The Daily Smile” in May aiming to offset the pessimistic news cycle and shed light on all things good during these trying times, one real story at a time. (If you loved John Krasinski’s Some Good News series, this podcast is calling to you.)

As if you needed any other reason to seek out optimistic news, apparently the tone of the content we consume can really affect our moods.

“According to the Harvard Business Review, individuals are 27 percent more likely to report having a bad day within six to eight hours after engaging in negative news stories, while 88 percent are more likely to report having a good day within six to eight hours after listening to a transformative story,” the Wondery press release says. 

Um, we’ll go with the good day option, please and thank you. 

Every Monday through Friday, “The Daily Smile” host, Nikki Boyer, brings listeners uplifting stories and feel-good news featuring inspiring interviews, heartwarming clips, and some special guests. Start your day hearing about the Brooklyn man who used a drone and some serious savvy to ask out his neighbor during quarantine. Or the quarantined Los Angeles photographer, Erin Sullivan, who creates stunning miniature landscapes from objects around her tiny apartment (Canyons out of paper bags! Ice caves out of bed sheets!), and has inspired a massive creative movement on social media, #OurGreatIndoors.

And don’t worry, all the other news will still be there—but maybe just save it for after you’ve had some breakfast and your daily smile.

You can find new episodes every weekday morning on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,, or wherever you like to listen.