Perfect for family game night.

By Liz Steelman
Updated July 28, 2017
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Target Board Games
Credit: Target

Board game lovers, it’s time to clear out some space in your game cabinet. On Friday, Target announced that they’re releasing a whopping 70-plus new, exclusive board games to be released this summer and fall.

The selection is big on throwback favorites, from retro wooden renditions of family favorites like Monopoly and Scrabble, to games inspired by Gen X TV favorites like Saved by the Bell and The Joy of Painting.

And if you and your friends have played Cards Against Humanity enough times that the cards—and jokes—have all worn thin, here’s something to look forward to: the slate includes many games for mature audiences. Those looking for a perfect complement to a night in with friends can chose games like Can of Squirms, a can of “awkward questions you can’t un-ask,” or an adults-only Sick & Twisted Charades.

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Of course, there are a myriad of games the whole family can play together, like The Cat Game, “a hiss-terical drawing game that’ll have you sketching out clues in categories like PURRsons & PURRfessions;” and Shifty Eyed Spies, “A sneaky game of sending signals.” Games perfect for kid’s birthday gifting are on their way, too, like three new Spy Code sets, and Ship of Treasures, an award-winning game developed by two Midwestern fourth-graders.

See the list of announced games that will be released in the upcoming months below:

Bob Ross: Art of Chill (Available Oct 1)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego
Saved by the Bell Game
Legends of the Hidden Temple
The Oregon Trail: Hunt for Food
Super Mario Bros. Power Up
Wooden Yahtzee
Wooden Monopoly
Wooden Connect Four
Wooden Jenga
Wooden Scrabble
Wooden Boggle
Wooden Candyland
Wooden Operation
Wooden Risk
Exploding Kittens
Can of Squirms
Meme: The Game
Sunken Sailor
Family Feud: After Hours Edition
Sick & Twisted Charades
Shifty-Eyed Spies
The Chameleon
Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown

Bullseye Bounce Off
Pling Pong
Deer Lord
Utter Nonsense Family Edition
The Cat Game
Snap Shouts
Banned Words
OK Play
Ship of Treasures
Operation: Escape Room
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Sunny and Stormy Day
Safe Breaker
Break Free
Monkey Balance Tower
Stephen Joseph Wood Building Block game
Beat Bugs Spin Go Round
Games to Go
The Slime Games

Emotis Match
Disney Princess Match
Super Mario Match
Code: On the Brink
Code: Rover Control
Code: Robot Repair