Interacting with your music (and friends) has never been easier.

By Liz Steelman
July 20, 2017

Remember the days when, if you wanted to listen to your favorite album on your phone or iPod, you had to buy it, download it from iTunes, and then upload it to your player via a cord(!) before you could listen? Yeesh! Well, maybe that wasn’t that long ago, but it’s certainly hard to fully picture life without Spotify.

Though the streaming service has been a go-to for quite some time, it seems like we’re still just breaking the barrier of what Spotify can really do. Its super user-friendly interface means it’s a breeze to use, but a lot of cool features are hidden in plain sight. Wanting to know what we’ve been missing out on when we stream our favorite albums over and over, we reached out to Spotify. Here, nine under-the-radar features you’ll never understand how you lived without.

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