Interacting with your music (and friends) has never been easier.

By Liz Steelman
Updated July 19, 2017
Listening to Music While Working Out
Credit: Bojan89/Getty Images

Remember the days when, if you wanted to listen to your favorite album on your phone or iPod, you had to buy it, download it from iTunes, and then upload it to your player via a cord(!) before you could listen? Yeesh! Well, maybe that wasn’t that long ago, but it’s certainly hard to fully picture life without Spotify.

Though the streaming service has been a go-to for quite some time, it seems like we’re still just breaking the barrier of what Spotify can really do. Its super user-friendly interface means it’s a breeze to use, but a lot of cool features are hidden in plain sight. Wanting to know what we’ve been missing out on when we stream our favorite albums over and over, we reached out to Spotify. Here, nine under-the-radar features you’ll never understand how you lived without.

Collaborative Playlists.

Hosting a party or a wedding? Just want to be in tune with your partner? Make a collaborative playlist so all your closest (and most musically-inclined) friends can contribute to the tunes. According to Spotify, all you have to do to make a playlist collaborative is “right click on the left-hand side of any playlist, choose the option to make it collaborative, then grant friends access.”

Private Sessions.

Are you more fond of the Osmonds than you’d like to admit? Keep your guilty pleasures to yourself—and not on your friend’s newsfeed—by turning your jam session private. “Click the scroll-down arrow at the top right corner next to a username and select ‘private session,’” says Spotify. And viola—your indie cred remains untarnished.

Recover Deleted Playlists.

Wish you didn’t delete all those playlists your "ex" made in a fit of rage, because, well, you’re back together again? Thankfully Spotify caches deleted playlists for you—once you log in, just go to Account Setting and select “Recover Playlists.” Now, if only relationships were that easy.

Spotify Codes.

Codes are Spotify’s newest feature—and all it takes is camera access to easily share songs, artists, albums, or playlists with friends. To access a code, just tap on the ellipse next to a song—a Spotify code will appear at the bottom of the artwork that your friend can scan (access the scan tool by clicking the camera icon on the top right hand side of the “search” tab). Have a band you’re particularly obsessed with? You can save the code to your Camera Roll to post, send, or text it! Don’t be surprised if you start seeing flyers, posters, or even billboards with Spotify Codes on them, either—they’re scannable, too.

Share Settings.

Not into using Spotify Codes? You can still share music with friends and family. Just click the “…” and then hit Share. You’ll get options to share via a link, Facebook, Twitter, or Messenger.


It’s awful when you learn that your favorite band is playing in your city and tickets are sold out. Or, even worse, that they played at your favorite venue and you totally missed it. Stay on top of who’s playing where with Spotify’s concert features. Just scroll down and find “Concerts” on the “Browse” tab: it will auto-populate with upcoming shows from the artists you listen to the most, as well as those you might be into. Not only can you see events from AXS, Eventbrite, Livenation, and Ticketmaster, but you can also purchase tickets with a few clicks.


Want to discover new music without even trying? Just turn on “Autoplay” in the Settings menu. Once you finish listening to the track, album, or playlist of your choosing, an endless stream of new music based on what you were listening to will start playing.

Spotify Running.

Haven’t quite mastered that quintessential pump-up playlist that motivates you to go on a run? Well, Spotify has a feature for that. Just find the “Running” button under “Genres & Moods” in the “Browse” section.

Multiple Devices.

Switch between speakers as you’re waltzing around your house with just a tap of the screen. Since Spotify allows the same account on numerous devices, you can connect to your Sonos, Amazon Echo, laptop, or other speaker instantly.