8 Shows to Watch If You Love Gilmore Girls

Find your new favorite TV show.

You’ve watched all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, plus the recent revival too many times to count. So now what? Although we’d never discourage another viewing, there are some other shows out there that can help you get that heartfelt, quirky, and smart comedy fix that Gilmore Girls is known for. Take a look at our recommendations—both shows that have ended and others that are still airing—and get ready to find a new obsession.


Veronica Mars

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This show not only shared a common network with Gilmore Girls (both shows were moved to the CW in 2006), but the two shows also had strong, smart, and witty female characters in common. The series followed teen detective Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) as she solved crimes around the seaside town of Neptune, California, while dealing with high school and boy drama (another boyfriend named Logan). After getting cancelled after three seasons, the show was also one of the first to jump on the “revival” trend. A fan-funded Kickstarter campaign helped bring a follow-up movie to life in 2014.

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Jane the Virgin

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Gilmore Girls fans will find some familiarity in Jane the Virgin’s mother-daughter relationships. Both Jane and Rory were raised by single mothers, and have strong grandmothers in their lives, too. The similarities don’t end there: they’re both aspiring writers, and have to deal with unexpected pregnancies (well, Gilmore Girls left Rory’s impending motherhood up to the viewers to imagine). You’ll love the satirical, hilarious, and outlandish storylines reminiscent of popular telenovelas, romantic drama, and heartwarming family scenes. Plus, once you catch up, you’ll have even more episodes to look forward to—it’s currently airing on the CW.

Watch: New episodes air on Fridays at 9 p.m. on the CW; stream seasons 1-3 on Netflix.



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While it was hard to see Lauren Graham playing a single mom to someone who wasn’t Alexis Bledel at first, Parenthood easily became a favorite family drama that induced a lot of waterworks. Like Gilmore Girls, the series looked at complicated family relationships across generations. With six seasons, there are more than enough episodes to get sucked into the Braverman family’s story.

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This Is Us

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The latest must-see drama has a familiar face to Gilmore Girls fans: Milo Ventimiglia plays the family patriarch Jack Pearson—a role that is very different from Jess Mariano. The series follows the story of the Pearson family, parents Jack and Rebecca, and siblings Kate, Kevin, and Randall, through the 1980s to present day. And because the past and present storylines are woven together throughout each episode, it leaves a little bit of mystery for the viewer to see how things played out back then and how it affects the lives of the characters today.

Watch: New episodes air on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC; stream season 1 on Hulu.



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With Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino running the show, Bunheads is a no-brainer on this list. This show features a former ballerina-turned-Las Vegas showgirl (played by Sutton Foster), Michelle, who ends up moving to a small coastal California town after getting married. Her husband dies unexpectedly and Michelle is left to navigate small town life while teaching at a ballet school. Gilmore Girls fans will recognize some beloved actors—Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) plays Michelle’s formidable mother-in-law, while Liza Weil (Paris Geller), Sean Gunn (Kirk), and Rose Abdoo (Gypsy) all make appearances.

Watch: Stream season 1 on freeform.go.com; or purchase and download the season on amazon.com.


The Mindy Project

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In an alternate TV universe, Mindy Lahiri and Lorelai Gilmore would probably be the best of friends. They share the same outrageous sense of humor, an impressive knowledge of pop culture, and a love of junk food. They’re also both single moms who are trying to balance a career, parenting, and somewhat messy love lives. Mindy Kaling plays the titular character who’s a successful doctor with a colorful personality and personal life. There are also a cast of odd and hilarious supporting characters who could give the Stars Hollow townies are run for their money.

Watch: Stream new and all episodes on Hulu.



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And you thought Emily and Lorelai’s relationship was complicated. On Mom, Anna Faris plays a single mother of two who decides to restart her life in Napa, California. That’s when her own mother (Allison Janney), with whom she has a rocky relationship with, comes into her life again. But this isn’t your average sitcom—the comedy explores some darker themes like alcoholism, teen pregnancy, and addiction.

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If you loved the quirky cast of characters and the endless pop culture references in Gilmore Girls, you’ll enjoy Younger. The series is created and produced by Darren Star, the mastermind of Beverly Hills, 90210, and Sex and the City. Sutton Foster plays a 40-something, newly separated woman who decides to move out of her suburban home and start over in the competitive world of book publishing in New York City. The only catch? She has to lie about her age in order to get an assistant job.

Watch: New episodes air on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on TV Land; stream seasons 1-3 on Hulu.