Whether you’re apart or together this Mother’s Day, connect with your mom with one of these mother-child movies or shows.


With Mother's Day coming up fast—Sunday, May 9—and social distancing still in effect in many states, Mother's Day activities might look a little different this year than years past. Fortunately, no matter what's happening outside in the world, you can still curl up and watch a good show or movie with your mom.

Shows and movies to watch with your mom are good any time of year, though you may seek them out more frequently right around Mother's Day or the holidays, times when you may be with or thinking about your dear mom. Next to the best Mother's Day gift ideas and some well-timed Mother's Day quotes, watching a great movie or show with your mom may be one of the best way to celebrate mothers this year.

There are some of the best shows on Netflix, sure, and the best romantic movies on Netflix, but you can't watch just any movie with your mom: Anyone who has accidentally put on a surprisingly graphic film on Netflix with their mom in the room will attest that shows and movies to watch with mom need to be carefully filtered. Fortunately, we've done the work for you, pulling 11 mom-friendly shows or movies you can watch on Netflix on and around Mother's Day—or any time of year.

If you're lucky enough to be spending more time than usual with your mom this Mother's Day, queue up one of these picks; if you're apart, break out the popcorn and the Zoom for a virtual watch party. However you watch these shows or movies with your mom, she's sure to appreciate the quality time.

Shows and movies to watch with your mom

Schitt's Creek

If you and your mom haven't already watched this award-winning gem, it's about time you caught up with the fabulously funny Roses. (And if you have, it's definitely worthy of a rewatch!) While plenty of focus has been on real-life father and son Eugene and Dan Levy playing a down-on-their-luck father and son, watching the relationship blossom between Moira Rose and her daughter Alexis (played by Catherine O'Hara and Annie Murphy) will definitely be a Mother's Day highlight.


Looking for something you can watch with your mom and your teenage daughter? Amy Poehler plays the mom of a teen who discovers her (riot) grrl power to stand up against inequality in her high school. There are plenty of throwbacks to zine culture and 90s grunge—so break out the flannel and the black nail polish for this watch party.

Kim's Convenience

This heartwarming comedy import from Canada tells the story of the Kim family, Korean immigrants to Canada who run a convenience store. And if your mom's a bit of a meddler, you'll probably see a lot to love (and laugh at), in the Kim family matriarch, Umma.


This Netflix Original is all about self-acceptance, a mother-daughter relationship, and some classic teenage drama: What's not to love? The movie follows Willowdean, a girl of unconventional beauty with a beauty queen—played by Jennifer Aniston—for a mom. Whether your relationship is sometimes strained or you're the best of friends, this sweet movie might help you appreciate it even more.

The Edge of Seventeen

Witty and star-studded, this coming-of-age film is a great movie to watch with your mom if your own teenage years were a little tense. Main character Nadine is shocked when her best friend begins dating her boyfriend; with her dad gone and her relationship with her mother difficult, she makes more than a few huge discoveries over the course of the movie. It gets a little raunchy at points, so watch only if your mom has a great sense of humor and the two of you have a high tolerance for embarrassment.

Bird Box

If you're the types to bond over horror films, turn to Bird Box, the story of a mother trying to get her two children to safety in a desperate dystopian world. Chilling and dark, it's not for the faint of heart, but if you and your mom can take a little thrill, it's sure to bring you closer together.

Candy Jar

For something sweet and mindless, turn to this teenage rom-com, which stars two competitive students forced to team up for a debate tournament, despite the urging of their ambitious moms. The movie follows the two students and their single moms, capturing their bonds while offering a look at what happens when you can't follow your dreams.

Miss Americana

If you're both Swifties, you'll doubly appreciate this smart documentary on Taylor Swift and the production of her latest album, Lover. Swift has long talked about her close relationship with her mother, and watching the two of them in action—while getting an inside look at Swift's superstar life—is a great way to spend any down-time together.

Anne with an E

You may have read the Anne of Green Gables books together; if so, you'll love watching this recent series adaptation, which has the same heartfelt family moments and (adopted) mother-daughter lessons as the books.

Great News

This comedy follows a broadcast journalist who has finally gotten her big break—at the same time that her mom gets an internship at the same show. If your mom is a little overbearing and embarrassing—but you love her anyway, of course—you'll love watching and laughing at this show together.

One Day at a Time

With three seasons available on Netflix, this family-oriented series follows a newly single mother raising her two children with a little so-called help from her own mom. If you're a mother, watching this sweet series with your mom will give you both a good laugh.