If You've Already Binged 'Bridgerton,' Here's What to Watch Next

Whether you're looking for another steamy period drama or can't get enough of Lady Whistledown, we've got the perfect suggestion for your next binge session.

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The entire new season of Bridgerton dropped on Friday, and it topped the Netflix charts immediately as fans caught up with Anthony Bridgerton's steamy romantic triangle with the Sharma sisters. But if you've already binged your way through the fun and flirty historical romance, you're probably already looking for something to satisfy your lust for more Bridgerton while you wait for season 3. Fortunately, there are plenty of spicy options out there, depending on what exactly you loved about the series.

Whether you love the witty Lady Whistledown—or you're looking for more regency-era romance—you have plenty of good TV watching ahead of you this spring.

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If you want more eye candy

Actors dancing in a grand ballroom
Alison Cohen Rosa/HBO

Can't get enough of the gorgeous costumes and settings of Bridgerton? Feast your eyes on the wow-worthy (and woo-worthy) settings from The Gilded Age, which features plenty of romantic intrigue of its own.

Where to watch: HBO Max

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If you're a big fan of the Sharma sisters

daughter hugging mother from the show never have i ever

Netflix's sister show, Never Have I Ever, features a modern Indian-American family with plenty of parallels with the Sharmas, including the tragic loss of a father and plenty of romantic entanglements.

Where to watch: Netflix

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If you're into steamy costume dramas

outlander jamie and claire

Outlander doesn't skimp on the sexy scenes (and there's those amazing Scottish accents, too). Plus, thanks to the time travel aspect of the show, you get two eras for the price of one—1945 and 1743.

Where to watch: Netflix, Hulu, Starz

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If you're a big Lady Whistledown fan

Gossip Girl
CW Network

Bridgerton's gossipy grand dame is all-too-similar to the narrator of the CW's soapy classic, Gossip Girl. While this Bridgerton season featured Penelope Featherington's attempts to continue to hide her identity from her BFF, Eloise Bridgerton, in the original Gossip Girl, you have to wait until the very final episode for the big reveal.

(P.S. Already finished the original Gossip Girl? There's also a reboot of the series on HBO Max.)

Where to watch: HBO Max

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If you love Regency romance

The Lake Scene (Colin Firth Strips Off) - Pride and Prejudice - BBC

If you're new to the whole politics of woo, you won't do much better than the classic Pride and Prejudice by the mistress of the genre, Jane Austen. The 1995 miniseries, starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, is the ultimate version of the tale.

Where to watch: HBO Max, Hulu

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If you're a Shonda Rhimes fan

Best shows on Netflix to watch right now April 2020 - Scandal featuring Kerry Washington

There's a whole slew of shows produced by Shondaland—including her long-running medical drama, Grey's Anatomy, and How to Get Away With Murder. But her sexy political saga, Scandal, may be the perfect post-Bridgerton watch (or rewatch, if you're already a fan).

Where to watch: Hulu

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If the royal story is more interesting

The Great for Womens History Month

Bridgerton's Queen Charlotte and mad King George gave a small glimpse into what was happening in Britain's royal household. Get a peek at the dysfunction and drama behind another throne with Hulu's The Great, a darkly comic series that chronicles Catherine the Great's ascension.

Where to watch: Hulu

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If you like British royalty better

The Tudors

Showtime's The Tudors chronicles the life (and loves) of one of Britain's most infamous rulers—along with his six wives. Henry VIII is a lot more handsome in this dramatic take on history, and the series comes with a (very) generous dollop of sex along with palace intrigue—and more than a few beheadings.

Where to watch: Showtime

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If you don't have a lot of time on your hands

Emma 2020
Focus Features

If you're too busy to put eight (or 10 or 20) hours to plow into a new binge-watch, you can get your fix in a much shorter time. You may have missed the latest movie rendition of the Jane Austen classic Emma, which stars another binge-watcher's favorite, Anya Taylor-Joy, from The Queen's Gambit.

Where to watch: IMDB TV

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