First it was The Dress. Then it was the Brick Wall. And now? It’s this pair of legs that’s causing a Twitter debate.

By Liz Steelman
Updated October 26, 2016
@leonardhoespams via Instagram

Is the dress black and blue or gold and white? Is there anything sticking out of the brick wall? Once again an optical illusion has taken Twitter by storm. On October 25th, Twitter user @kingkayden tweeted a picture of a pair of legs with a simple question: Are these legs shiny and oily, or do they have white paint on them?

This was a question that sparked thousands of tweets. At the time of writing, @kingkayden’s tweet has received almost 6,700 retweets. Some users saw only shiny, oily legs: The white being overhead lighting reflecting off well-oiled skin. Others just saw the aftermath of painting in shorts.

But, there is a right answer. And thankfully, it is somewhat obvious after you note two clues pointed out by Twitter users @theahnsolo and @thewattonshow.

Did you first see shiny legs then realized it was paint? You might not be able to “unsee” it. Many tweets say that once you realize that it’s white paint, it’s hard to go back and see the legs as covered in oil.

The image was originally posted to Instagram by user Hunter in September, who clearly notes that they “like the feeling of paint” on their skin. Mystery solved.

So maybe because there is a clear answer, this illusion isn’t “The Dress”-level confusing. But we still think it will spark a heated debate among friends.