Shawn Levy, the director and producer behind Night at the Museum and Stranger Things, knows the way to Sesame Street.

By Liz Loerke
Updated November 10, 2016
STAN HONDA/Getty Images

Big Bird and the gang are headed back to the big screen. Four years after Twentieth Century Fox picked up the rights to the beloved children’s television show, the project has moved to Warner Bros., where it is being developed by producer and director Shawn Levy, the producer behind the new sci-fi film Arrival and Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things.

While the movie does not yet have a title or release date, Levy, who also directed the Night at the Museum trilogy, recently gave an update during an interview with Screen Rant.

Sesame Street is at Warner Bros., and we are right now working on a treatment for what I think is going to be a really imaginative and entertaining take on that beloved and decades-old global brand,” Levy told Screen Rant. “The trick there is to honor these characters that are beloved but in a movie that feels entertaining for the kids who we might bring to the movie—and humorous on that second level for the parents who bring their kids. It’s early—we’re still at the treatment stage, but we’re very bullish on that.”

The series, which has educated and entertained children since 1969, features a combination of live-action and puppetry, as well as animation. It is best known as the home of Jim Henson’s muppet creations including Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Grover, Cookie Monster, and Elmo. While the program ran on PBS for 45 years, the show now airs new episodes on HBO.

This isn’t the first time Sesame Street’s furry and feathered friends have been in theaters. The series has spawned two big-screen adaptions: 1999’s The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland and 1985’s Follow That Bird, which featured cameos from comedians John Candy and Chevy Chase. There’s no word yet as to what storyline the new film will follow or which characters might appear, but we hope sunny days are ahead.