These age-appropriate flicks are for an adventurous audience.

By Betsy Rubiner

Not all kids (or parents) like scary movies. For those who do, what better way to bond over a shared interest than sitting down with a bowl of popcorn to enjoy a horror flick (that’s not too frightening)? Here, we share some picks for the best scary movies for kids, plus some suggestions from Real Simple readers.

When it comes to watching one with your kid, you don’t want to choose one that will keep them up with nightmares the whole week. It won’t be ideal for the both of you. One reader, Jess F., gives this advice: “The key is just being aware of your child’s own interests and maturity level.”

Introducing your kids to scary movies can help them get out of their comfort zone or teach them some new lessons. But one thing to avoid is exposing kids to age-inappropriate movies—so please note the age recommendations here from the nonprofit, Common Sense Media.

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