She had an emotional moment backstage with some big-screen superheroes.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated March 06, 2018
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Sandra Bullock Oscars 2018
Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

There were many tears at the Oscars Sunday night (Annabella Sciorra’s return to Hollywood!) but one of the most emotional moments happened backstage and had nothing to do with winning an award—it was when Sandra Bullock met the cast of the blockbuster superhero flick Black Panther.

Bullock, mom to two adopted African-American children, Louis, 8, and Laila, 5, told Access Hollywood that she burst into tears when she met the actors, who represent powerful role models for her kids. “I started to cry backstage when I was telling them how much the film meant to me as a woman, and how much it meant to me as a mother,” Bullock told the reporters on the red carpet. “That says a lot about where we are in this world, and in the world of superheroes. I’m so grateful to Marvel. because about five years ago my son asked me if there were any brown Legos, and I said, ‘Yes there are,’ and I got a Sharpie and I turned Spider-Man brown and I turned the Legos brown, and I don’t have to turn them brown anymore.”

While Bullock is a huge fan of the Wakanda flick, she hasn’t yet taken her kids to see it, claiming they’re still a tad too young for the PG-13 movie. “My daughter would stab my son after she sees it!” Bullock joked, but she said she plans to let Louis see it in another year.

Like most moms, however, Bullock couldn’t resist scooping up lots of Black Panther gear for her kids, saying she bought Laila “all the swag,” before the movie even came out. Bullock also made a prediction that the movie—which has already earned almost a billion dollars worldwide—will be a major player at next year’s Oscars.

Bullock knows a thing or two about big-screen representation: She heads up the cast of the upcoming Ocean’s 8, out this spring, in which the formerly all-male team of criminals is replaced by a diverse female crew, including Mindy Kaling and Rihanna.