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By Real Simple
Updated November 13, 2014
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Hi, Bookies!

We know you’ll soon be knee-deep in holiday planning, but everyone deserves a break during such a hectic season. May we suggest escaping into one of these page-turners? (You don't even have to leave the comfort of your living room.) Our December moderator will be Rebecca Daly, Real Simple's fashion market editor. She forecasts the latest trends and hand-picks the beautiful clothing and accessories you see in the magazine. "Each of these books has piqued my interest over the past year in one way or another, whether through a friend's recommendation, their own news-worthy buzz, or a reference from another author I admire, ” she says. So let us know which book speaks to you and vote, vote, vote by 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, November 23.


The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac

In this autobiographical novel, Kerouac details his experiences living in California during the mid-1950s, as well as his personal exploration of Buddhism's mode of thought.

Tinkers by Paul Harding

This Pulitzer Prize-winning debut novel is the story of a clock repairman who revisits his difficult and turbulent childhood while hallucinating on his deathbed.

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion

In an intensely personal and passionate reflection of marriage and grief, Didion chronicles the year following the death of her husband.

Home by Toni Morrison

After serving in the Korean war, traumatized African-American solider Frank Money returns to his hometown, where he and his little sister unearth buried secrets.