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By Priyanka Aribindi
Updated August 28, 2017
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Anyone who works in an office setting has likely found themselves in an irritating email exchange or two over the years. Perhaps it’s someone asking a question that’s been addressed at length in previous messages, or maybe it’s a heated back-and-forth that would be better to take offline. Regardless of the situation, we’ve all been there.

While in the moment there is probably nothing that would feel better than giving the sender a piece of your mind (and then some), it is the workplace, and whether or not you have to interact with this particular person again, losing your cool over email is never a good look. Not to mention, having it recorded in writing could ultimately cost you your job and reputation.

So what does that mean for frustrating exchanges? Do you have to just take a deep breath and let it go? Well, not exactly.

According to Twitter users, there are some little ways to express your frustration that are perfectly office-appropriate, but subtly convey a feeling that falls somewhere between mild annoyance and complete loathing. Users offered various phrases, sign-offs, and statements that they've turned to time and time again when a particular email exchange is just too much.

Other staff favorites include "Thanks." and "Best." as sign-offs—period included.

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