Hint: It also stars a rambunctious, adorable royal.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated October 17, 2017
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So let’s just say you’re hanging out in London on vacation, and Duchess Kate calls you with a child-care emergency—she has to attend a very important ribbon-cutting, but the royal nanny is out with the flu, so can you watch George for a bit, love?

Of course! But what on earth can you do to entertain the little prince?

Easy: As it turns out, George’s favorite movie is probably one you already own. Just pop in your well-worn disc of The Lion King and the prince will be one happy little cub. This little tidbit about the viewing habits of the world’s most famous four-year-old was revealed in an Instagram post by a Sky News reporter yesterday, who eavesdropped on Prince William chatting up a cute little boy and his mum.

Not one to shy away from the hard-hitting questions, the boy asked the future king what shows George likes to watch. In addition to The Lion King, George is also a big fan of the Lego movies and The Octonauts, an animated series about eight cute creatures with very round heads who go on undersea adventures.

There was no word about what shows little sister Charlotte favors, but if they’re anything like the siblings we know, she is still probably scheming ways to pry the remote from her big brother’s hands and switch to Elmo or Dora.

In this spontaneous interview, Prince William also confessed that he and Kate deal with the same screen-time battles that just about every parent—royal or commoner—struggles with: “Trying to keep him off the television is hard work,” he said. Ah, it’s the circle of life.