The royals turned to a favorite store.

By Real Simple
Updated July 21, 2017
Handout/Getty Images

‘Tis the season for an official royal birthday photo, and the latest release, in honor of Prince George, did not disappoint. On Friday, the day before the little prince’s fourth birthday on July 22, his parents released a portrait of a grinning George snapped at the end of last month. And while there will be plenty of oohing, ahhing, and re-gramming, there will also likely be lots of shopping. In fact, one report found that the fashion industry profits some £2.4 billion a year from the “Prince George Effect,” (and that number is actually dwarfed by his sister and mother). What he wears, we will buy.

So where did the adorable, collarless button down striped shirt in the latest photo shoot come from? The eagle-eyed Daily Mail spotted it at the British children’s store, Amaia—originally £42 (about $55), but now on sale for £21 (about $27). The bad news for royal copycats? It’s already sold out. But the same style is available in white, also on sale (shipping will cost you £6, or $8, to the U.S. for orders under £25). We also found this similar style on Amazon for $20.

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This isn’t the first time the royal siblings have dressed from Amaia. Charlotte wore finds from the boutique for last year’s Trooping of the Colour. “She looked perfect! So cute, so traditional but not over the top, it was very pretty,” Amaia Arrieta, the shop’s co-owner, told at the time. And the family leaned on them for Charlotte’s first birthday portrait, as well: picking out tights and a bow. The affordable bows range from just £2.50-£6 apiece (or $3-$8).