One contestant on Price Is Right was a little too enthusiastic when she made her entrance onstage.

By Sarah Yang
Updated January 25, 2018
CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Getting called onto the Price Is Right stage would be an exciting and momentous occasion, even if your knowledge of the show comes from occasional viewings when you’re visiting your grandparents’ house. Who wouldn’t want the chance to get far enough to compete in the final Showcase Showdown for a chance to win something like a cool trip to a luxury resort and a brand new car?

Well, there’s a difference between being excited and being a little overly enthusiastic. On a recent episode of the classic game show, one contestant almost pushed host Drew Carey off the stage.

When Drew Carey called contestant Sona up after she had the winning bid, she ran and did a mix of a jump and hug on Carey, pulling them both to the ground. Carey slid to the edge of the stage, with his fall broken by a light box. The host, who took over the gig from Bob Barker in 2007, played it off like a pro, getting up and saying “Hey everybody,” laughing, and reassuring everyone he was fine. Sona was the slightest bit embarrassed and apologized to Carey, but still continued to jump up and down in excitement.

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Even announcer George Gray got in on the fun by announcing the prize with a disclaimer: “Sona, do not break the host or our set. And then I will say, ‘How’d you like a brand new car?’” Well, you can guess more jumping and screaming happened afterwards. Take a look at the clip below that the official Price Is Right Twitter account posted: