Her first space mission was in 2002.

Peggy Whitson Oldest Women to Space Walk

This article originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.

Going to space is already something to brag about, but being the oldest woman to take a space walk on the moon? Even cooler. And Peggy Whitson is about to take that title.

The 56-year-old astronaut took off into space last November becoming the oldest woman to visit space, and on Friday she had her first out-of-station adventure.

Whitson worked with fellow astronaut Shane Kimbrough to lithium batteries (for storing solar power) on the outside of the station. This first walk was expected to last 6.5 hours, according to NASA’s blog post.

Whitson shared a few notes on preparing for her adventure in an interview with Associated Press: “I love being in space. I sleep like a baby. I mean, it is amazing the great sleep. Nothing hurts when you’re lying in bed. You can sleep the whole night through. It’s great.”

On January 13, the duo will embark on their second walk to finish up the installation process.