You don’t want to miss this.

By Grace Elkus
Updated January 12, 2017
Michelle Valberg/Getty Images

Even if you’re someone who gets excited over snow, we doubt you’re as eager as these adorable zoo animals. On Wednesday, Jan. 11, the animals at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, OR were treated with a fresh blanket of snow—and we’re not just talking about a light dusting. The city has received more than a foot of snow this week.

While Portland residents were presumably not so thrilled by the weather, the zoo animals seemed to love every inch of the snow, as evidenced in the video below. The polar bears are seen rolling around in it (with their giant paws stuck straight up in the air), and scratching their backs on the snow-covered tree trunks. The otters emerge from the water to eat their lunch up on the snow, and the seals wiggle onto the fluffy white piles and begin to roll around. One seal even seems to invite some other seal friends to join.

Lastly, an elephant emerges from somewhere indoors. While she appears timid at first, she quickly begins to trot, smiling as she goes. She begins tossing the snow up with her trunk, and genuinely looks like she’s having the time of her life. Not only will this video brighten your week, but it might also encourage you to embrace the snowfall, too. Not convinced? Check out our list of creative snow day activities.