Let’s talk about John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars.”



I’m Rachel Stein, the social media editor for RealSimple.com and the manager of our Simply Stated blog. There are three big reasons why I’m so excited y’all chose The Fault in Our Stars: (1) I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about this novel (to the tune of 10k+ reviews on Amazon with a solid 5-star rating); (2) I’d like to read it before the movie comes out, as I am an enormous spoiler-phobe; (3) I have only a vague idea of what “nerdfighters” are and I’m hoping this will shed some light. I should warn you: I’m a crier, and I have a feeling John Green might make me bawl. We’ll see…

Since it’s a short read, let’s knock it out in three weeks:

Chapters 1 through 6 for Friday, March 7.

Chapters 7 through 12 for Friday, March 14.

Chapters 13 through 25 for Friday, March 21.

See you then!