The No-Obligation Book Club reads Piper Kerman's memoir in November 2013.
Orange Is The New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison, by Piper Kerman

Hello, fellow readers!

Happy first day of November! It’s always been one of my favorite months, and this time it’ll be extra warm and cozy, as I get to spend it reading and chatting with all of you.

Before we get to the book, let me start with a quick introduction: My name is Julia Edelstein, and I’m Real Simple’s staff health editor. I edit and/or write the magazine’s articles on physical and mental health, and family dynamics. I also co-edit The Realist (the hodgepodge of fun in the front of the magazine), and work on the Simple List and our books coverage. It’s a really interesting job, and I feel very lucky that it’s mine!

I last led the No-Obligation Book Club back in October 2011, when we read Tom Rachman’s The Imperfectionists. This month, we’ll be delving into Piper Kerman’s prison memoir, Orange Is the New Black, and I couldn’t be more excited. I marathon-watched the Netflix series (not ashamed!), and at the end of it, still wanted to know more about her life. What better way to sate that craving than by reading the book?

To accommodate Thanksgiving, we’re going to read the book in three weeks rather than four. (We all need that last week to ready ourselves for relatives and pie baking.) I’m going to be reading on my Kindle, so I’ve divided the book by chapter. Here’s how we’ll proceed:

Chapter 1 through Chapter 6: For Friday, November 8

Chapter 7 through Chapter 12: For Friday, November 15

Chapter 13 through Chapter 18: For Friday, November 22

To get things started, here’s a question: Did you watch the Netflix series? And if so, do you anticipate that you’ll like the book less or more than the show?

Respond in the comments, and happy reading! I’ll see you in a week.