The members of the No-Obligation Book Club begin the discussion of their March 2013 pick: “Maine,” by J. Courtney Sullivan.

By Real Simple
Updated March 01, 2013

Hi, Bookies!

I’m Maggie Shi, a deputy editor at, where I cover all things food and drink. I’m excited to be back hosting again, and I’m especially excited for this month’s book, Maine. I’m obsessed with all things Maine (I actually nominated this book back in October, but it didn’t win), and I’m hoping this novel—set in a beach house on the Maine coast—captures everything I love about the state: waves crashing dramatically against craggy rocks; no-frills lobster shacks; blueberry everything; the comforting wink of a lighthouse on a pitch-black night; and a simpler way of life, where someone can still set out jars of home-gathered honey on the front porch with an honor system box and sign that says “Take honey, leave money.” (Yes, that’s an actual sign I saw while vacationing there last summer.) It’s just a beautiful, enchanting place to be.

I’m also excited because this is the first work of fiction I’ll be discussing in this book club. And one of the characters just happens to be named Maggie, too (clearly, I was meant to read this book). So bring on the comments!

Here’s the reading schedule I propose:

Friday, March 8: Up to page 174

Friday, March 15: Up to page 322

Friday, March 22: To the end

Until next week. Happy reading!