Bookies will be reading Jess Walter’s “Beautiful Ruins.”

By Real Simple
Updated December 23, 2013
Beautiful Ruins, by Jess Walter

Hi, Bookies:

A young Italian innkeeper meets a beautiful—dying—American starlet at his hotel. He spends five decades wondering about the fate of this mysterious woman, his lost love. His journey takes us from Italy to Hollywood, 1962 to 2012, weaving through exciting locations, thrilling emotions, and the lives of compelling characters. I, Kelley Carter, the sometimes cynical home department senior market editor, will be your guide throughout this epic love story. This could get interesting.

Here’s our reading schedule: We will cover Chapters 1 through 6 on Friday, January 3; Chapters 7 through 11 on Friday, January 10; Chapters 12 through 16 on Friday, January 17; and Chapters 17 through 21 on Friday, January 24.

Until Friday, January 3, then, happy reading and happy holidays! We send our very best wishes to you for a merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful, healthy 2014.