You can play all your favorite games without needing to blow into a single cartridge.

By Liz Steelman
Updated July 14, 2016

If you have fond memories of plugging the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) into the basement TV, and spending hours jumping over turtle shells, ducking into pipes and collecting coins, then we have some great news. This throwback Thursday, Nintendo has announced that they’re bringing back the NES, just in time for this holiday season.

An all-new version of the NES will hit shelves on November 11. The mini-NES looks exactly like the old one, just smaller. It will come pre-installed with 30 classic games like Donkey Kong, Kirby’s Adventure, Super Mario Bros, PAC-Man, and the Legends of Zelda—no cartridges needed! (Check out the full list of games, here.) And you don’t have to worry about trying to hook up the red and yellow cables to the back of your flat-screen, this new version is equipped with an HDMI cable. The system will cost $59.99, and an additional controller will be $9.99. The new NES Classic Controllers work on Wii systems, too. And the system is compatible with Wii’s Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro.

Can’t get enough of the good old days? Here’s some old fashioned niceties we wish would make a comeback.