The Top 7 New Thrill Rides of the Summer

Check out the new coasters popping up coast to coast.

One of summer’s best locations for fun in the sun is the theme park. There's something for everyone—delicious concessions, fun games and souvenirs, and, of course, thrilling rides for the daredevils. 

Do you have the biggest Guardians of the Galaxy fans in your home? We highly recommend booking it to Disney’s California Adventure Park in Anaheim. Looking to “sea” more this summer? SeaWorld’s Orlando is definitely calling your name. And if you’re hoping to find a deliciously death-defying ride on the East Coast, Hersheypark in Pennsylvania is offering a brand new experience.

Here, Real Simple’s list of the top nine new thrill rides that will make summer 2017 even more memorable.


Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout

Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Join Peter Quill and his brood of unlikely superheroes at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California. Replacing The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, the new and improved ride includes a free-fall drop and a soundtrack inspired by the popular movie. Chris Pratt, not included.



Seaworld Orlando is unleashing the Kraken with a new roller coaster that includes virtual reality. Riders will feel like they’re another fish in the sea as they cruise through the ocean-inspired ride. With the help of digital overlay and headsets, you’ll be transported from your coaster seat to the depths of the Atlantic.


The Joker

There’s nothing funny about Six Flags Great America’s new ride. The amusement park, located in Gurnee, Illinois has introduced a four-dimensional, 120-foot roller coaster inspired by Batman’s rival. You’ll be spinning, going backward, and free-falling on this comic-inspired experience. By the end, you’ll certainly have an answer for the villain’s infamous question, “Why so serious?”


Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

Six Flags Over Georgia has just released this indoor four-dimensional ride featuring countless superheroes from the DC comic books. Join Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and more as they battle their famous foes in a 22,000-square-foot space. Riders stay active throughout the experience, which involves participating in a fun laser gun game.


Eye of the Storm

There’s more to this town than the Derby. If you’re in the Louisville, Kentucky area, head over to Kentucky Kingdom and check out their newest high-speed coaster. With 360 degrees of thrill, this loop structure darts riders back and forth at its whopping seven-story height. Rock on from 73-feet above to your heart’s content.


Hershey Triple Tower

Looking for a theme park with rides that sound as delicious as they are fun? Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania might be your summer sweet spot. Inspired by their most delectable candies, the new ride has three drop towers that climb to different heights. Guests can look down at the entire park and the surrounding area as they go up and down Hershey’s Tower, Reese’s Tower, and Hershey’s Kisses Tower.


Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth

Just in time for the popular film’s release, Six Flags America—located in Marlboro, Maryland—offers a new ride inspired by DC Comic’s courageous superheroine. The oversized swinging pendulum sends 40 riders up 147 feet as they spin around Wonder Woman’s lasso at 70 miles per hour.