Finally, a good way to use up that Z.

By Sarah Yang
Updated May 22, 2015
Riou/Getty Images

Good news for fans of abbreviations and text-speak: All those social media words and the latest slang might help your next Scrabble game. Collins Dictionary recently added about 6,500 words to its Official Scrabble Wordlist, which is used in tournaments around the world. On the list? Lolz, emoji, and blech, among other modern-day texting favorites (er, faves). The company describes the list, with more than 276,000 words in full, as “the ideal training and adjudication tool for anyone playing Scrabble.”

Collins Dictionary said that the new words were “influenced by all parts of life including social media, slang, technology and food, plus English from around the world.”

Take a look at some of the newest words, plus how many points you can rack up by using them:

Lolz: Laughs at someone else’s or one’s own expense, 13 points

FaceTime: Talk with (someone) via the FaceTime application, 15 points

Emoji: Digital icon used in electronic communication, 14 points

Wahh: Interjection used to express wailing, 10 points

Bezzy: Best friend, 18 points

Imagine if you could land “Bezzy" on a triple word score.