What a cozy way to start the year.

By Liz Steelman
Updated December 11, 2017

Don’t have plans for New Years Day yet? Well, we can probably guess what you’ll end up doing: cozying up on the couch and streaming your favorite TV show. According to Netflix’s Year in Bingeing, a report analyzing the viewing habits of its members over the past year, the biggest streaming day of 2017 was January 1.

Though January 1 was the day the streaming company experienced the most traffic to their site, users racked up hours on the other 364 days of the year. According to a company press release, on average, Netflix watched 140 million hours of TV shows and films on the site every day in 2017—that comes out to about one billion hours of streaming a week. Many of these hours came from movie nights, as the average Netflix member watched 60 movies on the site this year.

Though you might think your Netflix nightcap is a modern American custom, surprisingly, we’re not as consistent about logging on as users in other countries. For example, Mexico has the most members who log in and watch something on Netflix every single day.

And though every show was binged, some were more likely to be “savored,” or watched for less than two hours at a time, and others were “devoured,” or watched for more than two hours per day. The top three “savored” Netflix original shows were The Crown, Big Mouth, and Neo Yokio. The top three “devoured” shows were American Vandal, 3%, and 13 Reasons Why.

To see more interesting data from Netflix, check out the report on their site.