Make some Netflix suggestions, and you might see your favorite film or show on a streaming platform near you.

By Lauren Phillips and Real Simple Editors
Updated September 10, 2019

Netflix has plenty to offer—the best shows on Netflix right now, Netflix Originals, and Halloween movies on Netflix, to name a few—but that doesn't mean the streaming service wouldn't benefit from some Netflix suggestions. There are tons of TV shows and movies from the pre-streaming era (and even recent releases) that aren't available on any subscription streaming service. Some are notoriously hard to find, too. Fortunately, Netflix has a solution: a Netflix suggestions center where subscribers (and even non-subscribers) can request movies and shows on Netflix.

If you can't find an old favorite show or a movie you've had on your watchlist anywhere, it might be worth a few minutes' work to request it on Netflix. Worst-case scenario, nothing happens; best-case scenario, Netflix takes your suggestion to heart and actually begins offering the show or movie, so you can cross it off your watchlist. Not much of a downside here, right?

How to request shows and movies on Netflix

Netflix offers an incredibly easy-to-use suggestion form. As the page says, it's the only place to make content requests, so don't bother digging up emails or other contact forms to harass some poor customer service agent. (And don't launch into a Tweetstorm, either.) Simply fill out the Netflix suggestion form and wait patiently.

The page lets you enter up to three suggestions. Type them in, confirm you're not a robot, and viola: Suggestion submitted. If you have questions about the request process, Netflix offers a few answers below the form; otherwise, once you've made your requests, all you can do is wait (and watch a few Christmas movies on Netflix while you wait, if you're so inclined).

While you wait, remember: Some shows are simply impossible for Netflix to carry. Every time the site wants to carry a new movie or show, it has to make a deal with the company that owns it—and sometimes that company doesn't want to play ball. HBO, for example, is holding on to Game of Thrones very tightly, so you won't be seeing it on Netflix any time soon, even though it's one of the most-requested shows.

Suggesting a show more than once won't help you out. Clearly people have gotten trigger happy with their Netflix suggestions in the past, because the page gently tells users, "If you've already submitted a request for a title, you can sit back and relax—we've received your feedback and there's nothing more for you to do."

So here's your best bet—don't make a super obvious request. Netflix would already be carrying Game of Thrones if it could, and that likely applies to other wildly popular TV series everyone talks about. But that awesome 80s movie you saw once? Now we're in business. You might just get your wish granted.