And to celebrate its launch, you can get up to five free movies, too.

By Liz Steelman
Updated October 12, 2017

Is your family’s digital movie collection scattered across iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Video? Do you spend tens of minutes trying to remember a) where you downloaded The Princess Bride, b) what your username for that platform is, and c) what your password is? It would be simpler if all of your movies were in one place—with one username and one password. Well, this week Walt Disney Studio announced an app that does just that—Movies Anywhere, a free multiplatform hub that centralizes your digital movie collection across four different providers.

According to an October 11 press release from Disney, this "digital locker" is possible because Disney teamed up with four other big-name Hollywood studios (Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros. Entertainment), as well as the industry’s biggest digital movie download providers. At launch, more than 7,300 movies will be able to be viewed on tablets, phones, televisions, and computers through the Movies Anywhere site and/or app. By connecting their Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes, and/or Vudu accounts, users can sync their existing digital video collections, as well as purchase new titles. Those with eligible digital copy codes from participating studios' Blu-rays and DVDs can also be redeemed in the app.

As an incentive for signing up, consumers can receive up to five different films for free, depending on the amount of accounts they sync. For connecting one account, users will automatically receive Ice Age and the recent remake of Ghostbusters. For connecting an additional account, Big Hero 6, Jason Bourne, and The Lego Movie will be added to the user’s library.

Disney has had a digital screening room since 2014. Disney Movies Anywhere was initially created to let consumers access their Disney movie collection across different platforms and redeem their digital downloads. However, previously, the app only collected Disney movies downloaded from iTunes. The Disney exclusive app will be converted to the new Movies Anywhere app, and previous customers will need to transfer their locker over to the newly named app, simply by signing onto Movies Anywhere is the second big digital video delivery announcement for the entertainment brand. In August, they announced that they would be releasing their own all-Disney digital streaming service in 2019, and would be subsequently pulling all their titles from Netflix.