The latest edition of the popular board game, Monopoly, actually rewards you for breaking the rules.

By Sarah Yang
Updated February 01, 2018
Monopoly Board Game
Credit: NoDerog/Getty Images

Raise your hand if you almost had your relationship with a loved one ruined because of a cheating accusation during a round of Monopoly. If you’re one of the many, this new version of the game might be a blessing (or a curse, if you’re a stickler for following the rules). The maker of Monopoly, Hasbro, is releasing a “Cheater’s Edition” of the classic board game in the fall for $19.99.

The premise of the game is still the same—you have to gain the most money and make sure the rest of the players are bankrupt. You’ll still want to buy up railroads and prime properties, but the new edition has a few other challenges with the introduction of 15 cheat cards. According to Insider, five cheat cards will be displayed in the middle of the board at a time and players will have to try to accomplish the tasks without getting caught. Some of the cheats include “Steal money from the bank,” “Remove another player’s hotel from their property,” and “When you owe another player change, secretly give them less than you owe.”

The back of each cheat card has a reward or punishment if you succeeded or failed. Some rewards include taking the title deed for a player’s property or collecting more money from the bank, while punishments include owing players more money and going to jail. To add further shame, there’s a handcuff attached to the board that players will have to wear in jail.

There are other fun changes that can make your weekly game nights interesting. According to Insider, there is no Banker so each player is in charge of the bank on his or her turn, making it easier to cheat. Additionally, players will notice that some properties on the board are cheaper than normal—if you land on Pennsylvania Avenue first, it’s free to own.