And you have to see their elaborate hand-sewn wardrobes. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated January 18, 2018
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If you’re anxiously anticipating the royal wedding on May 19, you may want to consider these Meghan Markle and Prince Harry look-alike dolls for wedding-watching companions. Spotted on Etsy and sold by HistoryWearz, the duo sells for just $175—a reasonable price to pay for this historic pair, right?

Since discovering the dolls, the internet has been abuzz about the royal doppelgangers—mostly because they look almost nothing like the engaged couple. The Cut goes so far as to write that the dolls look vaguely like the couple, “(in that the Prince Harry doll is clearly meant to be a man and the Meghan doll is a woman).”

But what the dolls may lack in resemblance to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, they more than make up for in wardrobe. The pair comes complete with a nine-piece ensemble, including a suit jacket for Harry in either white and gold or blue and gold color options, pants, and blue shoes. Markle’s wardrobe includes a wedding gown (only time will tell if this will be the actual design she wears down the aisle), white shoes, a veil, and a white bouquet.

If you’re wondering why the dolls look nothing like the couple, but the clothing options are so elaborate, HistoryWearz offers an explanation on its Etsy page. “HistoryWearz dolls are acquired from standard quality manufacturers, then dressed in handmade, hand sewn clothing designed by our very own shop owner and seamstress,” the note reads. When you consider that these dolls were sourced from a generic doll manufacturer, what little resemblance they bear to the actual couple is pretty remarkable. To dress each doll, the shop owner, Shirley Olivia Lee, then custom-sews each intricate outfit. Creepy dolls aside, this set provides the ultimate game of royal dress-up.