Ellen DeGeneres gifted Mandy Moore with a familiar kitchen appliance that might cause us to start crying all over again.

By Sarah Yang
Updated March 01, 2018
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Who didn’t feel design envy after watching Mandy Moore's home renovation over the past couple of months? To congratulate the actress on her move into the newly-completed home, Ellen DeGeneres gifted her with an epic housewarming gift that might trigger some sad feelings for This Is Us fans: a Crock Pot.

We’re still crying about Jack, okay?! If you remember from the heartbreaking episode, a faulty slow cooker was to blame for family patriarch Jack Pearson’s death on the show.

Moore shared photos of her new home on The Ellen DeGeneres show and the talk show host had something to say about her highly-organized pantry. “That looks like a fake grocery store,” DeGeneres remarked when she saw the neat shelves and water bottles lined up in perfect rows. Moore replied, “That was the goal actually, I honestly specifically wanted a pantry that looked like a store.”

But DeGeneres noticed a small kitchen appliance missing from Moore’s shelves, so she gave her a shiny new Crock Pot with a red bow on it, prompting the actress to burst out laughing. “I will remember to unplug this after I’m done using it.”

During the appearance, Moore also revealed her secrets for crying on cue, “I will pick a song at random, that’s sort of sad, that like evokes some sort of emotion in me, and I will listen to it incessantly.” On the other hand, she praised her This Is Us costar for her remarkable ability to cry on the spot. “I feel like Sterling can,” she said. “He just literally is like, ‘Which eye, which eye do you want the tear to come from?’ I think he can do just a single cinematic tear.”

Watch the clip below and see what she had to say about Princess Diaries costar Anne Hathaway.