Color like it’s 1995.

By Samantha Zabell
Updated June 29, 2016
Courtesy of Lisa Frank on Facebook

Still lamenting the loss of your technicolor cheetah print Trapper Keeper? Now, you can relive those early 90s schooldays with Lisa Frank’s latest announcement—an adult coloring book.

The brand currently sells products for kids and teens—like sticker books—but this major news is directed at the now-adults who are ready to break out their gel pens, throw their hair in a scrunchie, and feel 13 again. From her Instagram announcement, the new pages look like they’ll be filled with imaginative, detailed images of flowers, animals, castles, and—yes—unicorns. Given the stress-relieving benefits of the activity, this news is both a major throwback and good for your health.

Although there is no official word on when these will hit stores (nothing on Amazon just yet!), USA Today reports that the books will be available in Dollar General stores next month. In the meantime, pass the time with a few of Lisa Frank’s coloring books for kids or shop Real Simple’s favorite coloring pages.