We had no idea.

By Nora Horvath
Updated July 20, 2017

LEGO is one of the most popular toy companies in the world—and in the United States—boasting a total revenue of 37.9 billion Danish Krone (approximately $5.9 billion) in 2016 alone. But even fans of the classic building blocks might not know the origin story of their iconic name.

With a huge presence in the US, including 80 LEGO exclusive stores across the nation (more than in any other country in the world), many people might not realize that LEGO is actually a Danish company. Founded in 1932 by Kirk Kristiansen, the name is a combination of the Danish words “leg godt,” which translates in English to “play well.” According to the company’s website, this phrase remains both the name and the core idea behind the company to today. Still lead by the Kristiansen family, the brand believes that play is an essential part of children’s growth, stimulating imagination, giving them a space for new ideas, and giving them an outlet to express themselves creatively.

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Between its popular movie and TV franchise, dozens of books, and limited edition LEGO building sets, the company doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. And throughout the company’s 85-year history, their iconic bricks have remained part of a universal system, meaning that bricks from their founding are still compatible with new sets released today.

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