In a time when we’re all just too busy, the gift of extra time is rare. Take advantage of this month’s bonus day with these ideas.

By Samantha Zabell
Updated February 23, 2016
Leap Year February 29th
Credit: Olivier Le Moal/Getty Images

1. Play an unexpected board game—and find one that’s more original than Monopoly.
2. Make your own dumplings with your favorite fillings (and have a dumpling party!).
3. Host a cook-off competition to see who can make the best grilled cheese or pasta dish. While you’re in the kitchen, dance to this awesome cooking playlist.
4. Attempt a transformative DIY, like these creative kitchen islands or homemade headboards.
5. Spend the day relaxing with some printable coloring pages.
6. Exercise your green thumb (even if it’s snowing) with these crafty indoor gardens.
7. Start reading a best-selling novel. You’ll want to read these books before the Academy Awards.
8. Have a spa day without ever leaving home, and make these relaxing, natural beauty products in your own kitchen.
9. Create a Chocolate Chip Cookie Lab and experiment with ingredients until you get the cookie that’s just right for you.
10. Build an epic blanket fort and have a picnic inside!
11. Marathon your favorite show on Netflix or another streaming service.
12. Go bold and paint an accent wall in your living room.
13. Or create a gallery wall with all of those photos you’ve been meaning to frame.
14. Test out a new beauty skill you want to master—experiment with contouring or try on a bunch of bold lipsticks.
15. Finally (finally!) clean out your closet—in seven easy steps.
16. Talk a long walk outside—even if it’s cold out (just bundle up first).
17. Get the family laughing with one of these funny movies—all suggested by comedians.
18. Try out a few budget-friendly ideas for a complete home makeover.
19. Get comfortable with your slow cooker and try out a few big-batch recipes.
20. Calm yourself down with a little DIY meditation.
21. Learn how to practice basic yoga moves with an easy, 15-minute routine. Or if you’re a yogi already, teach your children these kid-friendly moves!
22. Learn a new skill—like flower arranging! Believe it or not, you can make a beautiful centerpiece using blooms from your supermarket.
23. Tackle a baking project that intimidates you, like homemade donuts.
24. Get a jumpstart on Easter decorating with these unique ideas for DIY Easter eggs.
25. Or plan ahead for St. Patrick’s Day and treat yourself to a homemade, dye-free Shamrock Shake.
26. Organize your craft room (read: vacuum up glitter). Get a few ideas from these inspiring craft room makeovers.
27. Instead of a typical family dinner set up a taco bar buffet for a change!
28. Plan your next vacation—these amazing Airbnbs are some of the most coveted locations in the country.
29. Take a “relationship test” with your partner—it’s a fun, exciting way for you to bond!